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Are you looking for short course to learn about selected topic? Join our advanced course series to enhance your fitness knowledge and skills for better fitness performance.

Advanced Course Series

the only geographically-based fitness course designed for local climate 

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  • With various topic suggested by our survey.
  • Enchance your fitness knowledge and skills for better fitness performance or journey.
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Hypertrophy Programming: A Complete Guide by Dr Arvin Raj CSCS – 29 January 2022 (9.00 am – 1.00 pm) Online/Offline


Mixed English & Malay

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Our Trainers
Zaki Khan

Zaki Khan

Dato Ahmad Zaki also known as Zaki Khan is a Certified Exercise Therapist. Served as Trainer of Trainer for National Fitness Council back in 2004. He has more than 20 years experience in the fitness field.

As an exercise therapist, Zaki Khan involved not only as a fitness trainer but also in rehabilitation, dealing with and correcting muscle imbalance problems, strengthening the weak muscles so that one can perform basic bodily functions. Zaki Khan is also heavily involved in health promotion campaigns either as a speaker, organizer or guest.

Zaki Khan also Malaysia Strongestman athlete since 2012. Got 3rd place in Arnold Classic Asia 2016. Competed twice in World Championship and has won several competition.

Diane Sera

Diane Sera

Diane Sera Farhanah also known as Coach Diane Sera is a Certified Exercise Therapist. She has more than 8 years experience in the fitness field since 2012. Her expertise in designing fitness program and nutrition plan. She also handle NCD clients including hypertension diabetes & obesity.

She create her own program call 3M, Misi Montok Mantap focusing on female and 3K, Kuat Katang Kacak for male. She believe that we need to value our body as much as we value our loved ones.

Bob Harun

Bob Harun

Bob Harun is a 55 years “young” Certified Trainer (CPT,CFR & CFI) and a Train of Trainers (ToT) for fitness certification courses.

He has more than 10 years of experience in doing Corporate Wellness coaching as well as group & personal trainings. His clients include MNC’s, Public Listed Companies & Government Agencies.

He is a firm believer of #ageisjustanumber and on the topic of Healthy Ageing, he has conducted Corporate Pre-Retirement Health & Wellness Course and Customized Physical Trainings for Senior Citizens. As a Science & Evidence Based Fitness Educator, his approach is a combination of Proven Practical Experience backed by scientific evidence.



Faiz Md Nor, currently a personal trainer and a sports coach who has worked with clients ranging from school students to professional working adults. Love working with people as to learn and understand more about human physiology.

With background as a certified NASC Personal Trainer, C class MBBF Bodybuilding and World Rugby Coach, and 6 years experience in fitness industry, the goal was to help more people understands the concept exercise is medicine.

A certified REHAB Express practicioner and MAT Movement Assessment Level 1 practicioner from Australia, gives an advantage for people who are looking for opporturnity to change their lifestyle and wellness.

Dr Arvin (CSCS, MSportsMed)

Dr Arvin (CSCS, MSportsMed)

Dr Arvin Raj , a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association with 16 years training experience and currently a Sports Medicine Physician (MSportsMed, UM) . He has also actively competed in local bodybuilding competitions including Mr Sarawak and Mr Selangor. He is also the Co-Founder of Barbell Machas which is a barbell sport podcast to deliver the latest information on the spicy science of lifting.

Sam Abd Rahman

Sam Abd Rahman

Sam Abd Rahman is well known as ‘DIET BAWA OTAK’ educator and physiotherapist since 2014. Being physiotherapist under brand name ‘ rehab rangers ‘ founded in 2014. He strongly believe coconut rice as known as ‘ nasi lemak ‘ must included in daily diet planning for sustainable fitness journey

One of ML studio’s speakers in early 2019 till 2020 and founded ‘ kurustanpasengaja’ community in order to help others losing fats and can be sustain throughout years. Ambassador of why pay more nutritions and actively involve in seminar ‘ diet tanpa stress’ since 2014 among universities
He was invited to be fitness advisor in darul murtadha dakwah center (2020-2021). The first appearance on NTV7 in early 2021 on program ‘ pecutan akhir spm.

Lily Moha

Lily Moha

Lily Moha ia a dietitian, an avid stroller runner and Metafit Coach.

Has been a dietitian since 2004, both in private and public hospital settings. She is credentialed in Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Oncology, Renal and Rehabilitation. She also gives training to paramedics in planning and delivering diet for specific diseases.

Founded Kelas Kira Kalori and Obesity Support Group HSB since 2017 and has conducted online classes for ladies since then.

Bahagia Jemali

Bahagia Jemali

Bahagia Jemali began his career in the Fitness Industry from early 2000. He has Master in Sports Science and an Exercise Therapy. He experienced more than 15 years as a personal trainer and exercise therapy since 2005 and encounter with clients with obesity and musculoskeletal disease problem.

Has served as a school teacher before. Because of his passions in the fitness, he has resigned and concentrate as full time fitness and wellness consultant.

He has helped more than thousand people with over weight and joint problem. His clients include the public, government and private agencies.

Currently, he further his PhD in Sports Science related with exercise to help for weight loss because he is a strong believer that Exercise is Medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The short series is about 4-5 hours and add on extra time for Q&A session.

Yes. U will e-certificate once completed the course.

Both. You can choose between physical and online.

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